some days it's not worth trying

Annaleigh Ashford attends the opening night of You Can’t Take It With You

Sweetheart, let me tell you something no teenager ever believes, but I guarantee you is the absolute truth. You fall in love more than once. It will happen again. It will be just as amazing and extraordinary as the first time and maybe just as painful. But it’ll happen again. I promise. But until then, be your own anchor.

"Combat is a form of vertigo. I was trained to thrive on chaos, but nothing prepared me for the fear of doubting my own senses. Frequently, I found that my memory of a firefight was just that - mine. Afterward, five Marines told five different stories. I remembered turning left off the dirt road onto a paved street running west through Al Gharraf. I saw fire coming from buildings to the right and remembered a drag race of four or five kilometers out to the highway. That was my memory, my accepted truth of what had happened.
But the map showed the distance was only about fifteen hundred meters, less than half of what I’d estimated. Some in the platoon remembered armed men standing to our left as we made the turn; I never saw them. The domed mosque was burned into my memory, but only Colbert and Wright could remember seeing it as I described it. Person was adamant that we had driven across a bridge during our sprint to the highway. Not one other person in the platoon remembered a bridge, but there it was on the map."
- Nathaniel Fick, One Bullet Away pg. 219 (via tonyespera)

Doc Roe + Comfort

Lord, grant that I shall never seek so much to be consoled as to console…

get to know me meme: [4/6] female characters » olive snook

Musing on the idea of setting someone on fire doesn’t mean you really want to set them on fire, it’s just the thought of it that makes you happy. But only for a second—then you feel bad. But that second can be a lot of fun!


autumn reflections by david clapp in england’s lake district national park; maurizio biancarelli of proscansko lake in croatia’s plitvice national park; and agustin rafael reyes of onuma pond in japan’s towada hachimantai national park


how she lights the world up
w e l l ,   n o w   i t ' s   y o u r   c h a n c e